this was my firt post in…

First let me greet you Aloha, not Aloha goodbye but Aloha hello… This would be my first time to write a blog here… hopefuly not my last. I’ve written blogs in friendster but i usually write them in my native tongue… Filipino (tagalog)… This would be my first time ever to write a complete paragraph without speaking or writing ‘tagalog’… whooo… and it really is quite hard for me… enough with my foolishness and let’s start with… uhmmm… Where do I begin???? I think the simplest way to begin is to introduce myself.

I am Ryan Misa Espinola. A half kapampangan-half ilocano but grew up here in Tondo Manila. I have the same birth date as our former President Erap… I have two siblings, Ate Liza a nurse whom is residing now in Texas with her filipino husband and their three wonderful children… the youngest, Elmer is working in Ambregris as a technical support rep. I am working as a service engineer in Functional Inc. for 5 years now. I aint married but I do have a fiance who is 12 years younger than me… a story about her would be posted in a blog in the near future…

So Aloha to all… this time its not hello.

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