dO yoU beLieve?

WhAt sECt dO U bEliEvE wOUld sAvE U?? iS yOUr rEligiOn a cHRiStiAn?? aRe U aN INC mEmbEr??sAbBadiSt??mUSliM??bORn aGAiN?? aNd sO On aNd sO fORtH… tHErEs qUitE mORe aNd it wOUld tAkE mE a lOnG aNd a lOt Of sPAcE heRe if i’LL wRitE tHEm OnE bY OnE!?!wELL aS 4 mE i aM a cAtHOliC cHRiStiAn, mY pArEntS aRE aNd sO aS mY OtHEr siBliNgS,,, i aM nOt tHAt tYpE Of cAtHOliC wHO fREqUEntLy gO tO cHUrCh Or pRay evERytiMe. i’M tHOsE tYpE wHo rEmEmbeRs gOd wHEnevEr i nEedEd hiM. yEAh i kNOw i aM nOt wORtHy. i aM a siNnEr wHo haS dOnE wrOngs iN tHe pAst tHAt OpPosEs gOdS wiLL, aNd i’M sORi fOr tHAt, fOr aLL tHe wrOngs i’vE dOne, i aSk hiS  fOrgivEnEsS foR tHat.

OnE Of mY bEliEfS iS tHAt yOu’rE rEligiOn wOn’t sAvE YoU fROm tHE fiErY “hELL”, it’S yOUr fAitH iN gOd… FOr mE gOd iS thE cREAtOr Of aLL tHiNgS, aNd gOd iS gOOd… iS yOUr gOd liKe tHAt?? mAybE wE aRe pErtAiniNg tO OnE gOd, mAybe wE jUst cALL hiM bY diffErEnt nAmEs…cRazY?? wELL tHAtS jUSt mE… itS mY OpiniOn aNd bEliEf. lEt mE aSk yoU OnE tHinG, Of aLL tHOsE rEligiOn wHiCh wiLL yOu cHOoSe?? cLUelEsS?? Or aRE yOu qUitE sUrE Of yOUr rEligiOn?? wELL itS yOUr OpiniOn aNd yOu aRE fReE tO tHAt; itS yOuR OwN fReE wiLL…

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