undas is coming to town…

its now 830 pm of november 1, Undas for us filipinos, also called all saints day. My folks went to Zambales to visit my grandparents from my mom’s side while I and my brother stay here in Manila. Elmer is a technical support in Taguig and he has work while I don’t have the money to go so I decided to spend my Halloween week with my fiance Nicole. Going to cemeteries to visit their dead has been a tradition for Filipino people, some go to their province to visit their departed and take a vacation as well. For some its an opportunity to get together with relatives (family reunion).While some just stay here in Manila, either they don’t have a province to visit or it cost much to travel to their hometown. And for some its an  opportunity to sell things such as candles, flowers, foods and drinks. My baranggay is near to Chinese cemetery so our tanods use our street for parking purposes, from being protector of our street they transform as a vallet parking attendant. While I and Nicole spend our whole day here at my house in Tondo just watching DVD’s, a marathon of old fave movies of mine. How about you? How do you spend your Undas?

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