hAppy haLfNivErsaRy…

Happy 6th monthsary mAhal. It has been 183 days, 16 hours OR 5 months, 30 days, 16 hours OR 26 weeks OR 4408 hours OR 264,480 minutes OR 15,868,800 seconds that we have been together and I am still counting. Counting all the blessings he gave me, and I am blessed that he gave me some one as precious as you.

I love you till hell freezes and heaven burns.

2 Responses

  1. tNx pOh mHAl…hNgGAng nGAUn nGbi2LANg k p riN fLAttErnG!?!hApi 6tH mOntHsRy diN pOh…sAmE 2 U i fEeL sO bLEsSEd cOz’ gOd gAvE mE sOmEOnE lYk U, gOd gAvE mE sOmEOnE aS wOndErfUl aS U nD i’M vERy tHAnKfUl 4 tHAt!?!sNA wAg k mAgbA2gO aNd mGsA2wA skEn s mGA pAnGaAwAy qOh sAU…rEmEmbEr kAw aNg fUtUrE qOh…=i wiLL lOvE yOu uNtiL yOU sEe aN OrAnGe fRUit iN aN aPple tReE iN thE 30tH dAy Of fEbrUArY=

  2. hi

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