its nice to be viewed…

Right now i got 472 hits in this site of mine and 25 comments, not bad ayt? I just hope it would gain more friends not just merely viewers. It is quite nice to read comments that has real sense and not just spam messages just to increase the stats of one’s site. Though it’s a big step for my site, and for that I thank you, but an honest and true message that comes from one’s reader is more endearing than a 100 spam messages.

Again thanks and hope we could be friends….

as of 11-23-07     605 hits           again thanks

as of 11-28-07     879 hits           appreciate it so much

3 Responses

  1. wow 472 hits? thats cool. where you from dude?

  2. pls visit my blog

  3. im from phil but im here in dubai, just always visit here i just updates it every week, thankd

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