manny “pacman” pacquiao

It’s lenten season once again. We celebrated Palm Sunday yesterday, same day Manny Pacquiao had a title match with Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico. Again Pacquiao was victorious.  He won by split decision and the whole country for sure was celebrating. The last judge gave a 14-13 scorecard in favor of Manny which makes him the new superfeatherweight champion. I believe he’s the first asian who got this title.

The things that I love during a Pacquiao fight are:
Low crime rate, no politics (besides its sunday), muslim and christian soldiers take a day off from their walang kasawasawang awayan, malamang lamang eh malaki na naman ang pustahan ng mga tropa, hmmm… syempre honor sa bansa natin.

But did Manny Pacquiao really won? Ofcourse! Kesehodang magsalita na ang magsalita jan, pag desisyon na nung reperi eh wala na tayo magagawa. Tignan nyo yung laban dati sa ni Onyok, d ba wala tayong nagawa kahit alam nating dinaya. Ganun lang yun, kung gusto nila, sabong ulit, basta “if the price is right” sabi nga nung aking kumpareng si Ivan. Congrats Manny…


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