Paalam Ka Bel

Anakpawis Representative Crispin Beltran  Rep. Crispin Beltran died Tuesday (May 20) from head injuries after falling from a ladder at his house in  Bulacan.
Ofel Beltran, the congressman’s daughter, told radio dzMM that her father fell as he was on his way down 14 feet from the ground.
The daughter said her father’s face fell face first to the ground. The incident took place around 6 a.m., she said.
Ofel said they initially brought her 75-year old father to the Caloocan Doctors Hospital, where he was revived after a cardiac arrest.
“We decided to transfer him to the FEU (Far Eastern University) hospital, but along the way nag-[cardiac] arrest siya,” Ofel told the radio station.
She said her father suffered four more cardiac arrests before his pupil dried up and was diagnosed as brain dead by doctors.

Beltran led the country’s largest left-wing labor federation Kilusang Mayo Uno and was arrested in 1982 under late dictator Ferdinand Marcos but escaped two years later and joined the underground anti-Marcos movement. He resurfaced after Marcos was ousted in 1986.

On February 25, 2006, Beltran was arrested shortly after a state of emergency was declared by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. He was charged with inciting to sedition. He was subsequently implicated in an alleged plot to overthrow the government of Arroyo. Beltran remained in detention until June of 2007, when the Supreme Court of the Philippines voided the charges against Beltran and several other leaders affiliated with leftist groups.

Beltran had earlier filed a bill to legislate a wage increase and another to implement a “genuine agrarian reform program” that would give free land to tenants and farm workers. The bills have not yet been passed into laws.

Beltran was a guerrilla courier for the resistance during the Japanese occupation in World War II. He later worked as a farm hand and janitor to support his studies.

He also was a gasoline station attendant, a messenger, a bus driver and later a taxi driver.

He organized a taxi drivers’ association and later joined other union leaders in building various labor federations until Marcos imposed martial law in 1972.

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