I’ve been busy this past few days on PTC sites. Joining every single one of them, well actually not all but quite a lot. So perhaps everybody is busy writing about the Beijing Olympics or the 08/08/08 which was believed to be a lucky day. I kinda believed it myself so I bet on the 6/45 lotto, and luckily I almost won! I only needed 4 numbers to win the jackpot. I got the the number 4 and 19, my Ate Lizas Birthday and mine.
Well the real reason I wrote this is because that I watched Mr. Deeds of Adam Sandler and Winona Ryder, well its about a sweet-natured, small-town guy inherits $40 billion from his deceased uncle. And Winonah as a television tabloid reporter, poses as an innocent small-town girl to do an exposé on Deeds. Deeds fall in love with her and they live happily ever after. Well theres more in between but I dare not give the specifics. Just watch the movie…
And the reason why I wrote this is that I remembered the 1985 movie, one of my favorites of all times is Brewsters millions. Brewster is a minor league baseball player. Unknown to him, he had a (recently deceased) rich relative. In order to test if Brewster knows the value of money, he is given the task of disposing of $30m in 30 days. Brewster isn’t allowed to have any assets to show for the $30m or waste the money in any way. If successful, Brewster gets to inherit $300m. The biggest problem of all however, is that Brewster can’t tell anyone what he’s doing, so everyone thinks he’s crazy. Add to this the fact that if he fails, two scheming trustees will get their hands on the money, Brewster’s task is not an easy one.
Well they almost have the same plot but noy do I love them both. Here’s Brewsters Millions in Youtube

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