Games of the Generals

Kabibili ko lang ng GG kahapon. Wala kasi akong pambili ng PSP kaya GG muna binili ko. At doon ko lang nalaman na ang inbentor nito ay isang Pinoy… Ang Game of the Generals, also called Salpakan (in Tagalog) and simply The Generals, is an educational wargame invented in the Philippines by Sofronio H. Pasola, Jr. in 1970. It can be played within twenty to thirty minutes. It is designed for two players and requires the use of logic. The games simulates armies at war trying to outflank and outmaneuver each other. As in actual warfare, the game allows only one side’s plan to succeed. Certain strategies and tactics, however, allow both sides the chances of securing a better idea of the other’s plans as the game progresses. Players can speak with other during matches, hoping to make a false impression on where the flag is.


Five-star General – pinakamataas sa lahat talo lahat pwera spy

Four-star General – 2nd to the highest olats sa 5 star at spy

Three-star General – 3rd to the highest olats sa 5th, 4th at saka spy

Two-star General – alam nyo na siguro kung saan talo nito

One-star General – syempre eto din basta pababa lang etong series na eto


Lt. Colonel



1st Lieutenant

2nd Lieutenant


Private – lampa sa lahat pero talo nito ang flag at ang spy

Spy – talo lahat pwera lang ang private

Flag – pinakaimportanteng pyesa, talo nito ang kalabang flag kumbaga sa chess eto yung king

2 Responses

  1. kung sino man yung marunong runong maglaro ng gg gusto kong makalaban right now labanan nyu ako

  2. i want to play w impressive opponent now.

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