free globe sim cards

Kaya pala ang daming nagkalat sa daan ngayon nitong mga nagbebenta ng globe sim- 30 pesos isa… Akala ko ba libre? hmmm… etong website na ito ang nagbibigay ng libreng sim

TiVo comes to Canada

TiVo, the popular U.S. television-recording device, is finally arriving in Canada in early December.

The TiVo set-top device, which allows viewers to record shows and skip commercials, will be available across Canada — except in Quebec — through Best Buy, Future Shop, The Brick and London Drug stores for $199. Device owners also need to subscribe to the TiVo service, which has a monthly subscription price of $12.95, with discounts available on long-term contracts.

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CHiNA- clone capital?

China started its cloning trade in the 1980s, and by the early 90s the creations had evolved from cheap textile knockoffs to more brand-specific goods. Cellphones, microchips, toys, cars, even iPhones—there’s virtually no high-tech Western product that China’s cloners can’t copy. Pretty soon, maybe within another decade, cloners would be offering functional duplicates of Intel processors, Viagra tablets and Bosch power tools. Right now the most recent victim is Apple’s i-phone.

Copies of the iPhone are now dividing into two categories…

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Ground Surf

Designed by Ratleads, Paris-based company, GroundSurf is a three-wheeled board that you ride on the streets, is powered by an electric motor and has its speed controlled through a Bluetooth enabled cellular phone. So it’s an electric skateboard, right?

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Dell’s 3008WFP

Although Samsung was the first to release the world’s first DisplayPort, Dell’s New 30-Inch 3008WFP is making a great seen succeeding the 3007WFP. After 9 months of improving the flaws; flaws in terms of limited resolutions and features, Dell is making sure that its next-gen part will meet every geek’s needs.. Dell looked hard at all the faults of the 3007WFP and 3007WFP-HC and is now ready with its successor, after some nine months of development. This monitor comes with two dual-link DVI connectors, thus hardware testers will be able to hook up two testbeds via DVI, and one testbed via analogue D-SUB connection. This is
only the beginning, since this baby also comes
Dell’s 3007WFP with Component, S-VHS, Composite in, USB upstream connector (for 4-port USB hub and 9-in-2 card reader). Dell’s 3008WFP packs the DisplayPort input with its visual-cortex-pleasing 2560×1600 resolution support and 10.8Gbps data rate.
No word on any other improvements, but with that many inputs, we’re pretty certain you can find something to plug into this thing and be glad but not contented…

Connector overview: 3 and 4 are speaker outputs (HDMI), 5 is D-SUB, 6 Component input, 7 is DisplayPort, 8 HDMI, 9 are DVI-D’s, 10/11 TV in

Omnibo2007 i-sobot

The Omnibo2007 i-SOBOT made by Takara Tomy is the smallest 2-legged robot in the world, Guinness-certified “smallest humanoid robot in production . It’s just 6.5-inch (96x67x165mm) and weighs only 350g. The micro-sized high-tech i-SOBOT is equipped with 17 servo motors provided throughout the body and an internal gyro-sensor gives it maximum flexibility. It is capable of making different kinds of smooth motions while automatically balancing itself. It features five operational modes: (1) remote control mode; (2) programmed mode; (3) special action mode; (4) voice control mode (for dictating simple actions); and (5) dance mode. It can also move while outputting words (speaking vocabulary of over 200 words and phrases in English), sound effects, music, etc. from a built-in speaker.

The i-SOBOT remote control has a built-in LCD display with intuitive icons for easy motion sequence entry. The controller/robot communication is done using a well known IR format similar to television remote controls.The i-SOBOT can play music, dance, and respond to applause and other user actions. The bot can also make its own punching and kicking sound effects, so we can imagine some entertaining robo-duels with a pair of these things. By the way, have you ever seen a toy robot that can do push-ups? Or get up on its feet by itself without you having to lift it up? It goes on sale in July from toymaker Takara Tomy. The English website and price are still “coming soon,” but since this dancing, push-upping wunderbot runs about $258 (31,290 yen)in Japan.

The company also announced that they will be releasing the older brother of the tiny bot, the Omnibot2007 i-SOBOT CAMVersion, in October. The CAMversion has an internal camera that sneakily snaps photos and sends images wirelessly to your PC or cellphone via WiFi, and whose head can swivel 60 degrees in each direction. The CAMVersion bot will run you 41,790 yen ($344 US) when it debuts in October.

Takara Co., Ltd. was a Japanese toy company founded in 1955. Takara merged with another prominent Japanese toy company, Tomy Co., Ltd., on March 1, 2006

xroad v4050

The cool kids might cruise in their cars on Friday nights, but you know we kick it old-school and troll the FCC database for hot new gadgets — which is how this Capoint XROAD V4050 GPS turned up in our sights. The 4.3-inch touchscreen PND — a rebrand of the Takara GP43, according to Navigadget — comes with a 2GB SD card preloaded with US and Canadian map data and features the oh-so-popular SiRFStar III chip, a 400MHz Samsung CPU, Bluetooth, and MP3 and AVI support. No word on pricing or availability, but that Takara unit sold in Europe for €500 ($719).