Yesterday news

Kahapong headline aking ibabalita sa ngayon. Hehehe. Have no time to surf the net yesterday. Sabi nga sa kawikaan “huli man at magaling huli pa din” tama ba yun? Anyways, Welcome back to Ces Drilon for a safe comeback, puro nga lang kagat ng lamok pero at least buo and to his cameraman. Ces Drilon and her companions were released on June 17, 2008 at 11 pm Manila Time following negotiations with Philippine security and government officials. Drilon, Jimmy Encarnacion and Octavio Dinampo were picked up in Talipao, Indanan, Sulu island, by Mayor Alvarez Isnaji at about midnight.

After eating noodles for 9 days, under more than 20 abductors, Ces and her crew met Gretch and Franz Oreña, Drilon’s siblings, with Loren Legarda and Maria Ressa on June 18 in Zamboanga City La Vista del Mar Beach Resort. They arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport from Zamboanga City around 2 p.m.

And sa sports, congratulations to Boston Celtics for winning their 17th NBA Championship. Astig! Panalo ako ng 100, salamat nga pala kay Kumpareng Jojo for that. Sa next season ulit ha. Pero kung sana yung barkada kong si Pitong eh  nadraft nila eh di panalo sana sila. Isipin mo nakathree points si Pitong. Pagsabi ng announcer pitong three points, eh di 21 agad yun habol sana agad. Bwahahaha. Hindi nakakatawa noh? Wala lang, joke kasi ng barkada kong si Ernie Villas yun eh. Pinasok ko lang para masaya.

#1 na si Pacquiao

Dahil nung June 6, 2008 Floyd Mayweather Jr. offically announced his retirement, saying the following in a statement:

“It is with a heavy heart that I write you this message today. I have decided to permanently retire from boxing. This decision was not an easy one for me to make as boxing is all I have done since I was a child. However, these past few years have been extremely difficult for me to find the desire and joy to continue in the sport. I have said numerous times and after several of my fights over the past two years that I might not fight again. At the same time, I loved competing and winning and also wanted to continue my career for the fans, knowing they were there for me and enjoyed watching me fight. However, after many sleepless nights and intense soul-searching I realized I could no longer base my decision on anything but my own personal happiness, which I no longer could find. So I have finally made up my mind, spoken to my family, particularly my mother, and made my decision. I am sorry I have to leave the sport at this time, knowing I still have my God-given abilities to succeed and future multi-million dollar paydays ahead, including the one right around the corner. But there comes a time when money doesn’t matter. I just can’t do it anymore. I have found a peace with my decision that I have not felt in a long time. Finally, I want to personally thank all of my fans for their loyalty and dedication as my career comes to a close. I always believed that their enthusiasm and support helped carry me to victory with every fight I ever had. It was a great joy to have fought for all of you. Now I hope you understand my decision and wish me well with the rest of my life.

manny “pacman” pacquiao

It’s lenten season once again. We celebrated Palm Sunday yesterday, same day Manny Pacquiao had a title match with Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico. Again Pacquiao was victorious.  He won by split decision and the whole country for sure was celebrating. The last judge gave a 14-13 scorecard in favor of Manny which makes him the new superfeatherweight champion. I believe he’s the first asian who got this title.

The things that I love during a Pacquiao fight are:
Low crime rate, no politics (besides its sunday), muslim and christian soldiers take a day off from their walang kasawasawang awayan, malamang lamang eh malaki na naman ang pustahan ng mga tropa, hmmm… syempre honor sa bansa natin.

But did Manny Pacquiao really won? Ofcourse! Kesehodang magsalita na ang magsalita jan, pag desisyon na nung reperi eh wala na tayo magagawa. Tignan nyo yung laban dati sa ni Onyok, d ba wala tayong nagawa kahit alam nating dinaya. Ganun lang yun, kung gusto nila, sabong ulit, basta “if the price is right” sabi nga nung aking kumpareng si Ivan. Congrats Manny…