earn cash while playing…

yup you read it write… earn money while playing flash games.

all you need is to register then play… play… play.And earn as much as you can.


try it. and surely you’ll be hook.

NO HARM IN TRYING FOLKS… but i aint sure if its a scam or not. judge it for yourself. Im still playing at this moment…


adsense tips on google

I just went over to AdSense official blog and found that Google have created an Optimization Demo where you can view and learn Google suggested Adsense optimization techniques to maximize your AdSense performance. The demo will show you the ad positions that are proven to be generating high CTR with screen shots of AdSense websites and other useful AdSense tips like what ad formats and color you should use……

If you are a beginner or an experienced webmaster not satisfied with your current AdSense CTR and earning, I suggest you take a look at Optimization Demo to learn some techniques that you can apply instantly to your site and blog.