CHiNA- clone capital?

China started its cloning trade in the 1980s, and by the early 90s the creations had evolved from cheap textile knockoffs to more brand-specific goods. Cellphones, microchips, toys, cars, even iPhones—there’s virtually no high-tech Western product that China’s cloners can’t copy. Pretty soon, maybe within another decade, cloners would be offering functional duplicates of Intel processors, Viagra tablets and Bosch power tools. Right now the most recent victim is Apple’s i-phone.

Copies of the iPhone are now dividing into two categories…

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Ground Surf

Designed by Ratleads, Paris-based company, GroundSurf is a three-wheeled board that you ride on the streets, is powered by an electric motor and has its speed controlled through a Bluetooth enabled cellular phone. So it’s an electric skateboard, right?

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xroad v4050

The cool kids might cruise in their cars on Friday nights, but you know we kick it old-school and troll the FCC database for hot new gadgets — which is how this Capoint XROAD V4050 GPS turned up in our sights. The 4.3-inch touchscreen PND — a rebrand of the Takara GP43, according to Navigadget — comes with a 2GB SD card preloaded with US and Canadian map data and features the oh-so-popular SiRFStar III chip, a 400MHz Samsung CPU, Bluetooth, and MP3 and AVI support. No word on pricing or availability, but that Takara unit sold in Europe for €500 ($719).