aRe yoU cOloR bLinD?

I really would have not known this fact if my cousin Jing Misa (almost my age) took up a course to be a seaman in PMI colleges which was in demand then. Well not like me he graduated easily and took up the exam to be a fully pledge seaman, a color blindness test. He too was unaware of this fact until that day. He was color-blind and he couldn’t be a seaman and would never be a seaman. The fact was he wasted all those years learning how to be one and trying to be one just to know afterwards that he is not capable. All I am trying to say is that colleges, schools or universities should let them take the color blind test first before letting them took the whole course.
And thanks to cheh for inspiring me to write this…


What is Color Blindness?

Color Blindness, or Color Vision Deficiency, is an eye condition where a person is not able to distinguish certain colors or shades of colors to some degree. Color Blindness does not mean that a person can only see black and white. A person with color blindness is able to see different colors, however they are not able to see some colors due to deficiencies in the eyes. Color blindness is a hereditary condition but can also be caused by eye diseases, damage to the retina and macula, and aging or when the lens is darkened over time from a cataract. Although there is no absolute treatment for hereditary color blindness, there are methods, techniques, and special glasses that may help people with color blindness differentiate different colors but not truly see them. The English chemist John Dalton in 1798 published the first scientific paper on the subject, “Extraordinary facts relating to the vision of colours”, after the realization of his own color blindness.

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pasmado ka ba?

Here are some home remedy tips for sweaty palms.

Try any of the following:
*Boil five tea bags in a quart of water for five minutes. When the solution cools, soak your hands or feet for twenty to thirty minutes nightly.*A dermatologist recommended home remedy for sweaty palms is to boil a quart of water with five teabags. Once the solution has sufficiently cooled, soak your palms for thirty minutes. The tannic acid in the tea has astringent properties that can act as a natural antiperspirant. Tea bags can also be held in the palm for 10-15 minutes daily to reduce perspiring palms.

*got the same problem w/ u.i also ask that here.someone said,soak your hands in a warm water w/ salt for about 10 min.the other one is soak it w/ warm water w/ bleach.