Pinay Scandals…

Here are some of my collections of Philippine scandals… Hope you would like them. And in the bottom are other links for your viewing pleasure…


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Pinay scandal…

Sex Scandals on the net being viewed by old and young alike, pirated CD’s and DVD’s scattered on sidewalks and malls that are just arms length open to all ages. Made from ones videocam, a spycam, cellphone or camera to record the event that should have been a private collection, but for some it’s their way to boast, to get some revenge or just to have some money. It really is disgusting to see those people who are getting copies of those materials that shows lascivious acts without consulting their conscience. click here

To tell you frankly (sabay kamot sa ulo) I’m one of those pinoy that is always updated when it comes to scandals. Well I don’t differ much from other Filipino’s. I even joined some yahoo groups, forums, communities and even created some of my own scandals when I was younger. I still have some but I just keep it to myself, my own private collection. But one time one of my scandals was accidentally viewed by my officemate and he then showed it to my other officemates. It happened when one time I had a one night stand, and I (luckily) recorded it in my camera with video, but to my dismay when I got home my computer is not working, so I decided to copy it first on a computer in the workshop at my office. After a few days Marco accidentally viewed my scandal while trying to find some mp3. But the one that really exposed me is Elmer Marquez, a fellow technician. And that scandal really haunted me for quite some time even our janitress knew about it. I just hope that it will be offs limit to the outside world especially Quiapo. For me it’s not something I could brag about, well maybe when I was younger, but now that I’m engaged it’s to embarrassing if she’ll know about it. What more to those girls that were videod by those tyrants, being humiliated and ridiculed will be the outcome of these immaturities. I even heard in some news that a girl committed suicide because of a scandal that involved her. It is quite degrading especially in our country who loves to criticize other people, make fun of the ill fact that it is a plague and not something we should be proud of. It is damaging our reputation and character as a Filipino.

But what can I do? I am but a simple voice, a shadow of a crowded street, a sinner as much as they are. I just hope this simple blog can change and save our pride, what’s left of it.

According to wikipedia A scandal is a widely publicized incident involving allegations of wrong-doing, disgrace, or moral outrage. A scandal may be based on reality, or the product of false allegations, or a mixture of both.

here’s some comments from some pinoys regarding on some blog about scandal which is quite disturbing.

hindi na issue ito dahil ang buhay ng pilipino ay nabubuo sa iskandalo.
baka gusto lang nuong babae na sumikat kahit sandali kaya nagpakita ng hubad.

sana yung nanay mo na lang ang nasa sex iskandal para may issue sayo ang topic na ito…

well, masasabi ko lang laht nga tayo may pervertness diba? malay natin isa sa atin ngayon may pinakatago-tago din na kalaswaan, di mo mamalayan bukas makalawa mailalagay na rin sa internet or it will be pronounce in public, if that will be the case masisisi mo ba sarili mo na sana di ka na lang sinapian ng kalibugan… o ang mismong taong magkakalat ng mga yun ang mismong ituturo mo na gago??? ano sa tingin niyo? ang mag-syota na yan halos magkalive-in na. dahil sa kabiguan nung lalake sa kanilang relasyon ikinalat niya, ngaun sino ang sisishin mo? yung babae na nagpakatotoo sa oras na ginagawa niya yun dahil sa meron siyang naramdaman(kahit ano pa man) para sa lalake at pumayag ito o ang lalake na gusto lang makahiganti?

Let us change how pinoy thinks first then maybe, just maybe we could change how the world thinks.