Why PS3 is hard to hack?!

When we create a new generation of video games, we also create a new generation of technology, security, and sadly … hackers. Finding holes in new hardware and exploiting them to do anything from copying free games to changing the technology itself, these hackers have many ways of doing things and leave many industries looking for solutions to stop it. With the PSP being hacked just days after each update, we are left to wonder why the PS3 hasn’t been hacked yet and what has Sony done to stop the madness. Well, we created a feature to help explain how things are done and exactly why the PS3 is safe from these attacks.

If you have ever hacked, or watched someone hack a PSP, then you’d know how things work. You mess with the file system and trick it into reformatting itself to fit your needs. All the DRM and privilege rights are overwritten and nothing is stopping you from doing things you’re not supposed to. This can be done on almost any technological piece of hardware. You can insert a UMD and copy it to a memory stick, you can take the iPhone and change the version to bypass AT&T security, or you take your PC game and upload it to a torrent site for someone else to play. Since these hacks seem to be common practice nowadays, Sony has obviously studied these exploits and went to great lengths to prevent it from happening on the PS3.

The minute your PS3 boots up, it runs through 4 stages of security at all times. All 4 stages have secrets that will need to be decoded in order to reach the next stage. So think of hacking the PS3 to be similar to a treasure hunt. You discover the clues and figure out a way to piece them all together to find the treasure. Except in this hunt for the booty, if you mess up one tiny thing, the whole mission collapses and your PS3 could possibly explode into vast reaches of outer space.

For starters, the PS3 is not easily fooled like its sibling PSP. Sony has encrypted each hard drive to only work with a specific PS3, which eliminates the possibility of switching them out like memory sticks. The hard drive is then read by the PS3 where it makes sure the drive is registered to the specific console. After verifying the hard drive, the PS3 continues to search for needed files to boot up the OS. This is merely the logo that appears or random files hidden in the system that will trigger the “OK” to boot up. The hard drive is built in layers with the “bootflag.dat” being the first file read on each start up, which then leads into the DRM file and finally … the game files. Several files found in between each of these makes things even more complicated to bypass. We must also note that messing with any of these files will cause the PS3 to read them as missing and not boot up correctly.

If you finally get past the hard drive, you must then face the problems hidden within the actual system itself. We all know the PS3 is a beast with a hearty 7 cells running under the hood as we brag about this on a daily basis. The problem for hackers is how only 6 of these cells are actually accessible, with the 7th cell access being denied to everyone. Not even game developers have access to this 7th cell. Now why is this cell even there if we can’t use it? In a simple sentence, the 7th cell runs the PS3 completely on its own. The cell boots the system up, cracks the codes encrypted in all security branches, and finally keeps the OS running while you play a game or do whatever you normally do. Remember how I talked about the PS3 verifying the HDD in relation to the system? This is where that comes into place. The 7th cell is what verifies everything that needs to be unlocked or encrypted. The 7th cell basically double checks that everything in the PS3 actually belongs to the PS3, so users cannot trade hard drives or share illegal games without the cell noticing and denying access. With the exception of communicating with other cells, this cell cannot be written to or acknowledged by an outside source, making it completely secure from attacks.

If hackers somehow find a way to hack the hard drive and bypass the 7th cell, there is still one more major problem awaiting for them at the next step. If you haven’t heard about Blu-ray, then you are probably thinking PS2 is the shiznit right now and randomly came across this article of the future somehow. Joking aside, Blu-ray is an amazing feature for HD users and a tremendous advancement for all game makers with a massive storage space and fast loading times. However, it is also the biggest problem to every hacker out there. Each Blu-ray disc comes equipped with a special “disc-based” encryption that is stronger than the security we find on DVD. The 128-bit key is hidden within each disc marked as BD-ROM and requires the “special” Blu-ray technology to decrypt it. Does Eboot.bin sound familiar? No? Well for the new guys, this is the file that hides all the required data to run a game or movie, which is very important. Now you can guess what is hidden under the encryption layer of BD. A Blu-ray lens can read the encryption, unlock it, and break it down from a .SELF file and .ELF file for games, where the Eboot file can be shared with the system. Even if this code is bypassed, hackers would have trouble finding ways to boot up a particular file without having the disc inserted. Unlike hacks on the PSP, simply inserting a different disc will not work. So next time you insert a BD and realize the small load time, just remember your PS3 is just doing all these things in a matter of seconds.

While the PS3 is closed down like the gates at Fort Knox, hackers do occasionally find ways to breach the security of the system. Some hackers have tried to steal passwords, some have tried to destroy the PS3 due to their frustrations of failing, and others randomly do something stupid to make us all laugh. Sony finds out about these hacks, or “attempts” as it were, and immediately issue software updates to protect users like you and I. These updates help protect the PS3 from attacks and are required to access the PlayStation Network. When a PS3 logs into the PSN, it registers on the network with its firmware version. Having faulty firmware will get you banned from the PSN permanently and possibly trigger something to go wrong internally. Hacking the PS3 will also void your warranty and you will no longer be allowed to receive repairs. This final precaution is the 4th and final step Sony has taken to prevent the pirates from hacking your PS3.

Remember, these are just the 4 major security walls Sony has implemented within the PS3. Depending on how hackers attempt to hack the PS3, several smaller problems can occur preventing them from going any further. Installing the OS Linux may open up some loop holes, but compared to what hackers have done with the PSP, nothing has ever been quite as successful.

Will we see the PS3 hacked one day? Possibly, depending on if Sony ever releases that 7th cell and how much hackers learn about all the new technology. Right now the PS3 is the safest beast on the market and people don’t really have to worry a whole lot about attacks. While you may be thinking free games on the PSP are nice, we all must realize how much it hurts the industry as a whole and would devastate the PS3 market.

Thankfully, Sony has found a way to make the safety features unnoticeable to the average gamer and keep the lid on the PS3 closed tightly. So no need to worry, your PS3 is safe at home waiting for you to play the latest games and will one day rule the world. That is until PS4 comes out and we start worrying about something new … but that’s quite a ways away, so let’s just relax while we can.

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  1. suskonamanginuu… kinamalayan ko jan. dyan sigurado duduguin ang ilong ko. hehehhe.

    games of the generals na lang!

    • ako medio updated sa mga laro… kaya particular ako dito eh… yung last na hinawakan q before PS3 eh yung nasira kong atari at game and watch. papagawa ko nga next month baka sakaling may vacuum tube pa sa raon

  2. pleaseeeeeeeeeeee hack ps3!!

  3. WOW!!!, PS3 is definately fort knox of latest-gen consoles.

    • Yeah. Upto this day there are assumptions that PS3 has been hacked. But they are merely assumptions but some PS3 owners wish there is a way to hack PS3 because of the price of the Blue ray disc.
      Anyways thanks for dropping by…

  4. Who are the 2 retards making up their own language

  5. Ummm… it already has been hacked… But the thing is you can’t pirate it cuss files are too big.. However this guy I know just gets games from store or friends then copies and returns it and he somehow connected multiple Hdd to his ps3.. I know it’s insane but he’s like 28 and he works for network secuity or something… so he must have lot of money and knowledge…

    • hey,
      can you give me some contact info on your friend. i really want to open my ps3 up and load games from my hard drive.

  6. He’s full of S**t about me. It hasn’t been hacked. Games have been ripped, but haven’t been loaded. It’s always a “friend of mine” or “I heard from some guy”….never “ME”

  7. the early ps3 are hackable. if you want to get the most out of your PS3 upgrade the firmware till you can access Linux. then don’t update. wait for the ‘experts’ to find the exploit.

    they will probably find an exploit through Linux because you then have open access to PS3 hard drive and one of it computer possessor cores. and from the ‘experts’ will probably find an exploit so they can release the custom firmware.

    some people have already done it.

    • Actually, when you install linux on a ps3, the playstation creates a different partition for it. so the ps3 cant see it, and linux cant see the ps3 files.

    • exactly, that 7th cell was accessible at one time (RSX).

  8. “While you may be thinking free games on the PSP are nice, we all must realize how much it hurts the industry as a whole and would devastate the PS3 market.”

    LIES! The PS3 remains unhacked, yet the price of the games remains the same. All this “lost revenue due to piracy” is one of the biggest scams in the world today. Ever since the early days of personal computers and consoles (yes, I had a ZX81 when they came out!) we have been told that game prices are high due to piracy. The fact of the matter is that people usually pirate games for one of three reasons 1) They can’t afford the game 2) They want to try the game before they buy it 3) Kudos, to show off to their friends how “leet” they are. Stop spreading these lies about game prices. The games companies make millions of pounds profit each year, which I’m sure must be a real concern for them …NOT!

  9. The key is: if PS3 still remains unhackeable… why its games are too high priced? I mean, a 65€ game ($78) used in a secure console is insane. The bad thing is you’ll bored of this game in 1 or 2 month so it’s not a good business for you wasting this huge amount of money in a simply game.

    What about downgrading the price of these game? I’d bet that people who could find 25€ games (i.e.) would buy them instead of searching for a PS3 hack.

    Besides you must add the price of the console itself so this is the main problem why people sometimes prefer other options (consoles). Nevertheless, I’ll always prefer playing in a computer instead in a console.

    • Let me shed some light onto you. The performance coming from the PS3’s 7 cells outperforms a $1000-$2000 mid-to-high end gaming PC and they are selling it at $300-$400 per system. Do you really think they really profit much from selling the PS3 systems? I mean, if you go out to buy a decently fast computer processor on the market, you can expect to pay somewhere between $300-400 on the processor alone. So i’m sure the components inside the PS3 can surely cost more than $250. Then you have to factor in the labor cost to build a PS3 which is probably machine built. But how much do you think those machines cost? How much do you think they are paying the workers to maintain and operate those machines? And there’s also the cost spent on developing the PS3 system, the tax they have to pay to each country, the cost for marketing, the cost for continued support and development. Then you would also have to factor in the cost required to perform repairs on faulty system that is still under warranty. All of that already cost a heft amount of money. There’s also the amount of money the game developers use to make each and every game, which will also be taxed by each respectable country it is sold in. So after all of the tax and money paid to Sony and game developers, there really isn’t much left if they were to sell each game at 25€ now will they? And one main rule to go by is, if what you are selling for @65€ is selling really well, would you cut the price by more than half? You have to look at the bigger picture and at a business standpoint.

      • Another thing is, most people try to or have hacked game systems is because they do not want to pay for the games and love getting them for free. While many people have a moral conscious, that does not apply to the majority whom believes in FREE is always better. Supporting the developers is always nice, but there will always be people out there that pirate whatever they can easily get their hands on without paying a cent. I hate to say it, but that’s the kind of world we live in.

      • Actually, if you didn’t have your head in the sand (or somewhere more likely and less polite) you could look at sony’s earning reports yourself to know that they make a profit on the consoles after a certain point. Part of the console life is a profit loss, part of the console life is a profit gain. It wouldn’t make any business sense at all for them to sell it for a profit point throughout 100% of the console lifecycle or it would gain absolutely zero ground out of the gate, rather than the abysmal ground it gained at the $600 initial price tag it started with (if you remember that far back). At this point, the residual costs of R&D are next to nothing, there is no labor cost, and they’ve probably damn near perfected their fab techniques. You should take your own advice about minding the bigger picture.

  10. Hello!

    Hacked or not, it’s one beautiful system with great exclusives (even if lost a few). I own one, i pay for quality & support developers even if they make millions.

    Thou shall not steal 😉

    I’m sorry for those awaiting a hack – there’ll always be forced firmware updates with some future blockbuster games to kill all modifications.

    If the details up above about why it is hard to hack the system, I’ll say BRAVO to SONY!

    The games aren’t that expensive nowadays, unless you compare to blank DVDs / BDs + the time to copy! Yet then you don’t pay for the hard work, you rip off some people’s time they thought important to create dreams for serious games.

    Moreover with most games being online, i wonder what’s next!


  11. I didn’t read this but nevertheless the PS3 is possible to hack, if hacking to the US military is possible then why not this, only problem is that most people have online so IF they hack it they can get banned and what not.

    • “if hacking to the US military is possible then why not this”….

      That is very different. Think of it this way… the bigger the piece of technology, it is reasonable to think that it would have far more loopholes. Also there are far more hackers who have experience hacking and working with data networks of all sorts. The PS3 console introduces a fairly new piece of technology to most hackers…

      Then again I am not denying it can’t be hacked..it probably will…after a fairly long time..possibly when plans for the next consoles are published tothe public, by which time sony wouldn’t really care about hacked ps3’s…

  12. to play ps3 backup game is not hard people just think to hard on it all u have todo is replace the 7th cell chip with a new one then u can over write that cell can control it i have proof that i running ps3 game on 20gb bluray disc most ps3 game go around 8 or 9 GB which game xbox360 have and ps3 have they come to the same size because xbox 360 using only dual layer disc that mean is 8.5GB disc so why would ps3 game data reach beyond that when they have same game playing on both system anyway guys email me at UNKNOW@HOTMAIL.COM

    • Replace it with what? You have some magical chip that can run the 7th cell’s tasks while bypassing the security? Well tell me Mr.’True Hacker’ how did you manage to decrypt the IPL?

    • If it was not hard, why are they not selling unlocked consoles that plays backed-up games in asia yet?

      And yes, why is the prices so amazingly high, get with the program sony, games should be ~$8, you would probably sell 100 times what is currently sold. And with that price, nobody would bother to pirate even if they could.

      Now I have to go for only second hand games (I now pay $8.50 to swap my old ps3 games to another old ps3 game), this is makeing sony loose ever more, second hand is worse for the industry than piracy, since everyone can do it. And I do this maybe 2-3 times a month, and yes, I do not buy any new games since I cannot afford it.

    • YES! someone finally figured out how to do it!!! all we have to do is some how custom code a new 7th cell chip to do all the tasks that the old one could do(Without the security) and then carefully remove the old one and pop the new one in… no offense man but that is probably NEVER gonna happen

    • Hi well the game size is more cause the xbox game is running on a dual layer disc. And if you go to download a fully copied blueray disc its around double the size of an xbox game. which is mostly 18-20gig.
      Then you have the ps3s own stuff which they add on. And why do they put in on blueray? well 1st because they only have a blueray player on the ps3. Second they want to improve the quality of the game so it can be better then the other consoles out on the market. And I think ps3 will get hacked sooner or l8er. cause maybe one of the workes that makes the ps3s will tell us some more info on how to hack it or some extra info we need.

  13. err >> games on xbox360 and ps3 can be same size, some companies will make ps3 bigger such as textures and stuff simply because ps3 can handle it.

    you can RIP it to a dual layer dvd, but the game wont actually boot.

    Replacing the 7th cell will probably not make the ps3 work completely, im sure there would be security on that sort of stuff also, dont think sony are that retarded.

    as far as today the ps3 is NOT hacked, people saying that it is have obviously got a massive e-peen.

    Seeing the ps3 hacked any time soon seems… well… not likely. The hackers dont seem to be going anywhere really >> sure a couple of exploits but nothing like ZOMG AMAZING!!!!!

    PS3 is a pretty amazing console even without homebrew, wouldnt mind seeing homebrew but that’s far in the future from today. Xbox360 isnt an insanely hacked console either. no emulators or such.

  14. Thanks for sharing this information. This article finally put in my head that hacking the ps3 is impossible you spared some hours in my lifetime thanks

  15. Yea…. To bad someone I know already hacked the ps3 XD He created the new hack for backing up or dumping a ps3 game lol.

    • LOL people have been rippin ps3 games for a while, you can do it thru linux even i think. but the problem is you CANT PLAY A RIPPED GAME…

    • “He’s full of S**t about me. It hasn’t been hacked. Games have been ripped, but haven’t been loaded. It’s always a “friend of mine” or “I heard from some guy”….never “ME””
      -Haha this guy^

      wow, i found another one. anyone keeping count??

  16. Very good article…
    lest we forget, even if we did `hack` the ps3, past the 7th gate, iso loader and all that jazz,,,,,,,,, DOWNLOADING A 50GB GAME WILL TAKE ALL MONTH.. sooo
    $40 blank BD disk
    + $200 (cheap BD burner)
    + bandwith charges
    + 24 hour burning time,,,,,
    notworththetrouble to the power of cheapertobuylegit

    • 50 gb games lol your on drugs there will never be a game that size not untill a few hundred years when we are all dead and everyone is driveing flying cars lol 50gb game you gameing noob

      • “50 gb games lol your on drugs there will never be a game that size not untill a few hundred years when we are all dead and everyone is driveing flying cars lol 50gb game you gameing noob”

        Only a crackhead would come up with something so ridiculous. 50gb games are not only inevitable, they are probably no more than 5 years away. Only a noob could think otherwise. Or perhaps you were imbibing the aforementioned crack the last 5 generations as game sizes have been increasing exponentially just to keep up with the tech?

      • We already have 50 GB games you noob. Microsoft has a few games that use 6 Disks, 6 times 8.5 GB is over 50 GB.

  17. “Sony has encrypted each hard drive to only work with a specific PS3, which eliminates the possibility of switching them out like memory sticks.”

    that is statement is wrong i can go out right now and swap my old 60gb hdd for a 500gb hard drive if i wanted, right from the computer store.

    I don’t mind so much that there is no hack or mod for the PS3 yet, im still finding new fun things to do with my modded PS2. I mostly just use the PS3 for Blu-ray movies and Media Center.

    • “Sony has encrypted each hard drive to only work with a specific PS3, which eliminates the possibility of switching them out like memory sticks.”
      that is statement is wrong i can go out right now and swap my old 60gb hdd for a 500gb hard drive if i wanted, right from the computer store.

      Thats exactly what i thought the ps3 is one off the easiest hdd updates out of anything.

      If something this simple is wrong then this guy must not know to much.

      xbox 360 for gaming
      PS3 for movies

      • The fact is that if you Take out YOUR hard drive and put it in Another PS3 then it won’t work.. it’ll insist on a re-format. That’s what he’s saying.

        Any PS3 HD content is only readable to that PS3
        No other PS3 can read it

  18. you freegin idiots, if you wanna hack the ps3 just soldier an eprom between the the 3tk2 similar to a north bridge, copy the whatever the “interrupt” code is
    IE: the signal that says “this shit ain’t right… don’t boot” there should be numerous error codes that will cause ps3 not to boot beyond a given point .. STOP looking for the binaries that allow access and look for the ones that deny access. obviously removing a component is out of the question. the reason the 7th cell is not accessible is because it holds the exact copy of the size of each error message passed to the 3tk2(may very between each ps3 model). if someone took the time to replicate all interrupts and pass all of them to the last cell at once, it would force the cell to release the exact digital signiture it requires to continue boot.


    1.)error #1 0000
    2.)error #2 0110
    3.)error #3 0101
    4.)error #4 1001

    5.)success 1010

    — passing all of the wrong data at once would be sort of like a bruteforce except there are very few cases in which it wouldnt boot so it would be quicker to find, secondly …one must pass all errors at once since “sony isnt that retarded” and the ps3 will lock well before your able to pass all errors.

    i dont have time / money but im a very avid gamer and engineer. It seems very trivial to me. main reason i see no ps3 hacked is because the ones trying to hack the damn thing are looking to be able to play it if they fail ….and the ones who dont care about playing but still try most likely know nothing about engineering/social engineering.

    sony has made false locks to make it appear secure its basically an lock that points to another lock …and that one points to the previous one…ive seen this many times in social engineering..

    good luck and happy Trying.

  19. The hard drive can be changed what he is saying is that once the hard drive is formatted it will only work on that ps3 without reformatting it.

  20. Yes, you can put in a replacement drive … I have both put new internal drives into PS3s, as well connected an external HDD to the internal connectors … but, the PS3 will format the drive, and will place the encryption on that drive, so that the drive confirms to the PS3s checks.

    If you disconnected that drive, and modified/formatted it yourself again, then placed it back into the PS3, it will just re-format it again/

  21. hack!!!!!!

  22. According to me

    illegal is legal (Backups)
    Leagel is illegal (Originals)

    I will waiting for hacks all the way……! My policy never buy originals

    Say whatever you want you d***heads

  23. ITS DONE!


    all you need is a freakin AXE.

    now even my dog can have a poece of the ps3. how good is thaaat!?

  24. GOD DAMN IT!!! why dose sony has to be such a fu>>ing bitch
    about game prices and safety shit that wont make it puplor

    i mean god damn it if hacking is illgeal than so should these
    insane prices
    and its worse in saudia then the usa
    games reach to a price of 400 rials thats 125 dollers
    hell thats 10% of my pay
    FUCK what a rip off
    if i was not a big fan of the ff games i wouldnt bother with the ps3
    i would just buy a great pc for gaming
    but i am not sure there well be a version on the pc
    heard rumers but thats it
    then again i wouldnt be able to play on line proply
    well sony finally did it and bit us in the ass
    greedy fucking basterds cheaters they are worse then hackers for not considring about us the custumers
    they think that there serves is so valubal
    pleas someone save us from this tyrnny

  25. sorry for the english

  26. the ps3 will take at least 5more years to be hacked lol. ive seen some friends buy the ps3 just for hype and dnt play it after 1-3 games as its so pricey. but oh well there is always an alternative xbox 360. im thinking of buying one soon as well (yes im late =P)

  27. The mulicore architecture has little effect on aspects of modifying memory assembly language, outside of a massive use of pointers. Unless your speaking of cracking and modifying the micro-controllers and thats a completely diffrent form of hacking involeing verious forms of acids, a microscope and osilloscope probes to locate the security portion of the chip and disableing/bypassing it.

    Hacking the PS3 its self is fairly simple duel boot to linux and you have pretty much unblocked access to all the software includeing the default operateing system aswell as the bios configs and boot configs. This alone makes dll injections and fake partitions easily done.

  28. Nice Writeup. Sony has done quite a job with the PS3. And it certainly shall pose a challenge for anyone attempting to breach the system. But you never know……

    • I agree – Very nice writeup – I’m not into hacking my box (I’m too old for that), but still pretty effing interesting how Sony managed to lock the PS3 down tighter than Fort Knox 🙂


  29. To set the record straight, the PS3 has been hacked. The software is out there at this very moment but in beta development. Like anything, it’s very complex and needs to be made into a more ‘user friendly’ package so that can be a) used by any noob like you guys and b) will suit most versions of PS3.
    So stop the babble about piracy etc – all platforms get hacked, the companies still make millions anyways and the world will continue to spin.

  30. Nice article, twas very informative 🙂

  31. finally it seems everyone must forget about ps3 and go for a beast config gaming pc or go for xbox 360 which will flashes the rrod red ring of death any moment while playing(even latest xbox360 jasper is not that good against rrod)……

  32. LOL @ all the wannabe hackers posting how “fairly simple” they can hack it. They can’t even spell so god help them hack a PS3.

  33. Well Im not hoping that PS3 can be hacked Someday, but im just hoping that Game developer can lower the price of PS3 Games.

  34. Hell, I’ve been waiting for hacks for the past year… I’m still anxiously waiting….

    Somehow I smell that Sony will be going down sooner or later…

  35. What do you mean by “sadly, hackers?” there is nothing wrong with hacking. Its not even considered hacking, its considered cracking. It is done with the intention of running backups, its not the hacker that allows piracy, its the user who is pirating. Whenever I come across a hack job or aynthing of that nature the disclosure always says that this is not for use of pirating.

  36. “7 cells running under the hood as we brag about this on a daily basis”

    they are just stream processors…

  37. Jakstar, your an idiot. Pirates have been getting free games during the PS/PS2 for too long and that was not what Sony made the PS/PS2 for. Sony never cheated us but pirates did cheat Sony.

    Admittedly I am one of those pirates who steals their games but your still a bigger idiot than I am. If you think PS3 games is not worth your money then just don’t buy their games. How would you feel if a work you’ve put so much effort on have been given to others for free continuously? Idiot.

  38. I dont not feel like hacking the PS3 would hinder its economical performance… Just look at the Wii it’s still flourishing despite all the exploits. Plus just being able to do things like that with the system is the reason I personally buoght it. I own a PS3 that i purchased to tinker with Linux and play the amazing games. But if it didnt come out of the box Linux capable i wouldn’t have jumped on it. So I guess it comes down to… If youre a hardcore gamer you avoid the hassle of hacking the system and buy the game and if you are a techy nerd (like myself) you find enjoyment in surpassing the barriers put infront of you with hard work and dedication. Its the challenge that excites some of us.

  39. Fiquei enojado lendo sua babação de ovo absurda pela SONY.

  40. Ps3 is hackable, and hacked, due to SONYS attempt to ban all hacks with there firmware updates , these hacks are underground, and staying there, any leakages are delt with and facilitated to. So far, we’ve simply been able to “Spoof” Packets being sent to and fro the PlayStation network. with other peoples u.n.i.’s. Bypassing our account and ip, Ever wonder why your friends or your own PlayStation Console stops working and gets the BLACK SCREEN, or why so many PS3s are being returned for preownership? Its happened to them

  41. one more thing you should think of why did sony release a ps3 slim when the already have a ps3 fat. And if you say just for the fun or the entertainment that could be one reason but there could be many more

  42. PS3 hacked is now LIVE!!!

  43. Ps3 was hacked it took.3 years and 11 days

  44. BluRay discs cost $3 each when bought in spindles of 10 or more. Refrain from spreading false info. In non-western countries you can get these at even lower prices.

    And no, I doubt the 7th cell processor is going to be hacked any time soon. In China you can find in every city a person who mod consoles for money. These are usually 25-40 year old and have done it for years.

    I have asked, and the response is that it will be much easier to spoof the bluray drive to read an identical copy of a commercial retail game, than making modifications, cuts or changes to the ps3 motherboard.

    The drives used in PS3 are well documented and as some of you know, there are already ways to boot 3 or 4 of the earliest PS3 games using a spoof method to fool the BD-drive to read a copy.

    Though, since there is still not a sure way to perform such a drive modification to PS3, it will be at least 6-18 months before you see it. People have worked on it since PS3 is released. You probably understand, that there is big money involved in being able to modify such console especially to Taiwan, Philippines, China markets where very few people afford to buy commercial copy. Hence there is big incentive for these professional modifiers to finish the job.

    But for western ‘modder’, what is his motivation? There is no money, no timetable, no nothing. I don’t think there will ever be hardware modification on PS3 released by western country. It will take very much hard work and thousands of working hours. The much easier route is doing the same as on the newer models of XBOX360: Concentrate on fooling the drive and firmware primarily.

  45. well someone somehow better do some hackin shit cuz i aint payin a shit load of dollas on a game that’ll last a week or even might get fokin bored of it by the end of that week…

    sony u fukin greedy tards lower yar fokin prices god damn it!!!!!

    ps: no homo go comment on me sayin shit like oh u noob dis dis and dat!!! cuz frankly i’m not comin back here IDIOT!!

  46. I have hacked my ps3 with 4 other friends. We made a server that the ps3 connects to. So we bypass the PSN. With our server we have our own FREE store to download all the games. So we just buy the game and put in our store and download it to our ps3 and play. ofc we go down and get our money back from the games we buy.

    We just need pirate master server and all need the same firmware version.

  47. To all the guys who say pricing of PS3 games is fine and give all kinds of statistics saying developers are still not making money.

    What if tomorrow, all the PS3 games cost $500 or $1000?
    I bet there will be thousands of people ready to buy these games and say support the developers and Sony is making loss.

    Don’t you think Sony making P3 “unhackable”, has given Sony a monopoly hold on the game pricing? They know that whatever the price they set for games, people have no choice but to buy.

    Monopoly is always bad for end users. Piracy though is illegal, it does puts check on monopoly.

    So guys when you hear the word piracy, don’t go bang bang its bad, its illegal, its hurting the developers etc. Think it as a necessary evil to keep check on good guys from becoming bad.

    Piracy should also be on check, if everyone can get every thing for free, then it will hurt industries and developers.
    So both piracy and monopoly should be in a balance for the good of Customers, Developers, Company and Economy.

  48. U foking dumbasses the ps3 is unhackable no matter wat the only way to hack the ps3 is THERE NO WAY UR GONNA HACK THE DAMN THING PPL

  49. blahhhh is all i hearr.. u gotta try the BAD COMPANY 2.I rate the graphix high\er then the last. theres obstacles that let you navigate through friend and foe territory with no pro++//?. You can also listen to the music installed on your ps3 during game play. Gets a little hectic though because ther”s actually two sound systems goin all at once. Gettin used to the game is a lil difficult when theres other players trying to log on during online play. like they say aRe nAtion will Be Better If The Foot Or shOulD.ahhhhhh never mind grrrrrr


  50. finally its hacked! You can now play pirated games. This how you do it :

    Just copy the games as iso file. Then put it in your ps3 hd. Download ps3iso (google it) and boot it with a usb drive. Then just load the game iso. Yay! And you can play online too. Enjoy!

  51. hey soni! I try your method and it work!!! Finally sony is screwed!!! I can load the game. But phe prob is that i cant save or load my games. It say out of memory problem or something like that. Maybe it’ll get fixed in next version. Thanks man!!! Your’re the man!

  52. i only buy my pc parts on very reputable computer stores both online and offline,-;

  53. Now PS3 is the most unsecured next gen console…lol

    Quote from author:
    Will we see the PS3 hacked one day? Possibly, depending on if Sony ever releases that 7th cell and how much hackers learn about all the new technology. Right now the PS3 is the safest beast on the market and people don’t really have to worry a whole lot about attacks. While you may be thinking free games on the PSP are nice, we all must realize how much it hurts the industry as a whole and would devastate the PS3 market.

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